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Is debt holding you back? Get on the road to financial freedom.

Is debt holding you back? Get on the road to financial freedom.

May 31, 2022

Folks with no money in savings and a bunch of debt weighing them down do not get much attention from the typical financial advisor. This is because financial advisors earn their living primarily by focusing their time on wealth that has already been created.

A good financial advisor will help you because they care and because they recognize that your future is important to the sustainability of their own business in the long-term. They will spend time with you and ask questions and advise you directly where they feel they can have impact on your life. They will also connect you with other experts that have perspectives you can gain wisdom from. But ultimately the person that can help you most - is YOU. Your income and lifestyle choices and then savings and investments will determine the level of wealth you might achieve in your lifetime. Almost anyone can obtain wealth and almost anyone can go broke regardless of income. The decisions you make in terms of setting goals for the life you want to live and then planning, and execution will determine the road you go down. You will encounter change and some impediments along the way, but they are not immovable. A financial advisor can act as a coach through these life events. 

All wealthy people who stay that way think about their life and set goals and take specific actions to achieve their vision. They consult experts and copy the habits of successful people. And most importantly, they save and invest wisely, and they keep their spending in control. This is something I think we all know but get sick of hearing. And it is an especially unpleasant bit of advice to hear when you have already dug a financial hole that seems impossible to climb out of.

Debt is your enemy. And compounding your mistakes and adding to your debt is a vicious cycle when you are not paying close attention. A good financial advisor will help you out of this cycle and point you in the right direction and help to keep you on track. If you have an income and the desire, you can dig yourself out of almost any hole. The road to financial freedom is a long hard road, but the destination is totally worth it.

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.” Walt Whitman